Top 5 Tips for Effective Window Washing - Getting Streak-Free Sparkling Windows Inside and Out

Top 5 Tips for Effective Window Washing – Getting Streak-Free Sparkling Windows Inside and Out

by May 31, 2022Window Cleaning

Invite the light back into your house with streak-free sparkling windows. The impact of a clean window is immeasurable. It can improve your home’s appearance, making it brighter and more open. It can also be rejuvenating for the spirit. Furthermore, clean windows inside and out provide not only a better view but also a more positive first impression for people looking from the outside.

There are many methods to restore the lustre to your windowpanes, from creating your own window cleaning solution to the tried-and-tested old newspaper trick. You may even hire professional cleaners to achieve the best results – windows looking good as new.

To add, window washing is a simple task. But it can often be time-consuming, especially when streaks have worsened over time and the windows haven’t been cleaned for months.

Still, getting streak-free, sparkling windows is achievable. Just follow our expert recommendations to get excellent results every time.

1. Remove curtains and blinds before cleaning your windows.

Take down any curtains or blinds you may have. If at all feasible, give your drapes a thorough wash or spritz them with a fabric freshener to prepare them for the new season. Sweep away any dust or cobwebs from around the windows and windowsill using a dry brush or dusting attachment on your vacuum.

2. Wet the window and frame with a sponge and use a squeegee to clear the water.

Start by wetting the entire surface of the window with a sponge or squeegee (the foam part), going over it several times to ensure that all nooks and crannies are saturated. If your windows are extremely dirty, you can add a little dish soap to the water for extra cleaning power.

Starting from the window’s top corner, use a rubber squeegee to push the water and soap down the glass. Wipe the squeegee’s rubber strip down the window in a reversed ‘S’ pattern, starting at the top corner. After each stroke, wipe it clean of suds, water, and dirt with a lint-free cloth to eliminate stubborn marks.

3. Use a lint-free cloth or newspaper to wipe away any remaining water.

Once you’ve squeegeed the window clean, go over it with a dry cloth or newspaper to soak up any remaining water. Make sure to get in the corners and around the frame where water may have pooled.

Paper towels or cloths that leave lint on the glass should be avoided. It’s worth spending money on a device with a U-shaped pole for upper-floor exterior windows to avoid stretching outside of top-floor windows!

Don’t forget to clean the outside of your windows! Repeat the process on the other side of the window, making sure to use a different sponge or cloth so that you don’t spread any dirt or grime.

4. Clean the window edges.

Wipe away any extra water or suds from the windowsill and edges with an absorbent cloth. On the inside of your windows, repeat the procedure.

If you have clear PVC, though, it is recommended to use a whitening solution or a creamy cleaner to keep them looking new. A white toothpaste might work as well.

5. Get the timing right.

You may think that a sunny day is the best time for window cleaning because the abundance of light makes it simpler to identify smears. However, this is not what experts recommend.

An overcast day is preferable when cleaning windows. Why not on a sunny day? Sunshine will create glare on the glass, making it more challenging to determine how clean it is. It’s also possible that sunshine will cause your cleaning solution to dry before you have time to wipe it down, resulting in streaks or marks.

It is also highly recommended that you wash your windows every two to three months. This way, you’ll have less to do each time you clean because there will be less build-up.

There is no denying that streak-free windows make your home look fabulous. To add, when your windows are clean, you can enjoy natural light and fresh air in your home. Getting sparkling windows can be time-consuming, but you can easily accomplish this task if you follow our tips. Alternatively, you can always opt to hire professional cleaners to achieve the best results.

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