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5 Reasons You Need After Builders Cleaning

by Mar 2, 2022House Cleaning

Have you ever renovated your home? Your business office? If you have, you know that the worst part comes after all of the hard work. And that is cleaning up.

Construction and renovation projects tend to leave a big mess behind them. So, why not make it easier for yourself? There is a simple solution saving you time, multiple headaches, and a lot of sweat, you can outsource your cleaning and hire professional after builders cleaning services.


What is After Builders Cleaning?

After builders cleaning is a service allowing you to enjoy your newly built or renovated home without the cleaning-related work and stress. 

The service covers two crucial aspects.


  1. Cleaning all the leftover materials and debris
  2. Detailed cleaning of smaller surfaces, light fixtures, doors, windows, frames, etc.


Cleaning leftover materials and debris is a task requiring expert hands. If you are not careful you can easily hurt yourself on a stray nail or another sharp object.

Also, after builders cleaning covers wiping light features like light bulbs, cleaning windows and frames, wiping doors, and floor. 

We pay special attention to the living room and your bedroom where you spend most of your time. It is crucial to thoroughly clean the dust that remains after renovation so you need experts with great attention to detail.

But if you are still unconvinced, here are five more reasons why post-construction cleaning is exactly what you need.


Outsourcing After Builders Cleaning is Safer

Outsourcing cleaning after renovation is safer. The amount of debris can be staggering, and you can run into materials that need special care like nails, pieces of concrete or wood splinters.


Proper Disposal of Debris.

In Ireland, you cannot just put all the construction debris in a garbage bag and leave it next to the container. You have to organize a special pick up and you need to sort the debris in certain groups, especially if certain materials are harmful to the environment.


Save Time and Money.

Construction and renovation are enough time-consuming as it is. Why not leave the after builders cleaning to professionals while you enjoy the feel of your new environment?


After Builders Cleaning Requires Expertise

Dust is one of the biggest issues when it comes to post-construction cleaning. The dust tends to get stuck everywhere, even in the places you purposely closed off.

So, unless you want to live in a dusty home, you need to scrub and wipe all the surfaces, including lightbulbs, beams, window frames, doorknobs, and more.


Professional Equipment for Deep Cleaning.

Difficult cleaning tasks require professional equipment that can clean hard-to-reach surfaces and clean especially grimy and dusty areas.


Where to Find the Best After Builders Cleaning Service?

After builders cleaning is a difficult task and requires professional hands with a soft touch for beautiful home surfaces. The last thing you want is someone damaging your newly installed kitchen or bathroom.

Hence, you want to hire the best in the field. If you would agree, give us a call on 01-405-1957 or send us an email at

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