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Why We Use the Best Carpet Cleaner for Your Rug

by Mar 6, 2022Carpet cleaning

Carpets are a beautiful addition to your home. They can add warmth to all living areas, but they shine the most in a bedroom. Just imagine, waking up and stepping on the soft and warm material supplementing your bedroom.


However, carpets have a darker side as well. HIgh-quality rugs can be quite expensive, and cleaning them is a headache. Not only because carpets can easily get dirty and dusty, especially if you have kids and pets. But also because expensive carpets require a special approach.

Hence, we offer our carpet cleaning services using only the best carpet cleaners on the market and the experts who know how to use them.


Is There a Carpet Cleaner That Honestly Works?

Yes, there is! The best carpet cleaner is the one that cleans deeply and completely without leaving any damage. But, such cleaners are rarely available to the general public. You won’t find it in your neighbourhood cleaning shop.

You either have to hire a cleaner or spend time and money to find the best machine, buy, and learn how to use it. Because cleaning a carpet is much more complicated than most people think. Especially when you think about softer and higher-end materials used in making expensive rugs.


Difficulties With Carpet Cleaning

Most people make similar mistakes when it comes to carpet cleaning. For example, overusing water is one issue. All carpet cleaning machines have a maximum of water they can draw out from the carpet. If you apply more water than your machine can recover, you will have a slightly wet carpet attracting even more dirt than before.

Another problem with carpet and even upholstery cleaning is ripping. Applying too much force is a common problem and it can be easily solved. First, you need professional cleaning hands, and then you need the best carpet cleaner available. If you have both, your carpet won’t tear and it will be pristine.


Finally, brown spots called carpet browning are another common problem amateur carpet cleaners encounter. Browning happens when the stain is deep in the bottom of the fibres. During cleaning, the fibres become wet and the stain travels to the surface. 

A quick fix to most of the problems with carpet stains is to thoroughly clean the detergent and have the carpet dry as quickly as possible. However, your best bet would be to always hire the best professional carpet cleaners.


Avoid the Risk, Hire the Best Carpet Cleaners

Investing in a high-quality carpet will not only bring warmth to your living area but also increase the value of your home. However, there is no point in investing in an expensive rug, only to clean it with a commercial machine and cleaning solution.

If you care about your carpets, you need experts who know how to treat them. Therefore, if your rug is looking like it needs a makeover, give us a call on 01-405-1957 or send us an email at

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